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As a leading commercial cocktail mixing supplier, we specialize in crafting expertly designed tools, ensuring seamless and efficient mixing for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike.



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Versatile Cocktail Mixing We Supply

Cheers to mixology made easy!


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Versatile Cocktail Mixing We Supply

Cheers to mixology made easy!

Versatile Cocktail Mixing We Supply

Cheers to mixology made easy!
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Custom Cocktail Mixing in One Stop

All-in-one service combined with product customization and package design allows you to stand out from the crowd through shaping, branding, labeling and packaging.
Hundreds of colors and patterns you can choose
Superb technologies and techniques for mixings' uniqueness
Cost-friendly and eco-friendly to unlock the power of cocktail mixing
Multi-functional package solutions with various packaging styles

Three Types Of Cocktail Shakers Behind Bartender

Cocktail shakers have become more common in recent years as a result of the rise of craft cocktails and mixology. There are various kinds of cocktail shakers available, and each has special functions and advantages of its own.
Category Boston Shaker Cobbler Shaker Parisian Shaker
Types Two piece: a metal tin and a mixing glass Three piece: stainless steel shaker with a metal tin, integrated strainer, and cap Two piece: a metal tin and a smaller cap
Features Metal tin is usually made of stainless steel and larger in size compared to cobbler and Parisian shakers Cap fits over the strainer and tin Cap fits inside the tin
Apply to Professional bartenders Beginners and inexperienced bartenders professional and home bartenders
Functions - Creates a tight seal for vigorous shaking and perfect mixing
- Allows bartenders to see through the shaker
- Cap serves as a measuring device for ingredients
- Built-in strainer for simple cocktail straining
- Suitable for creating small to medium-sized cocktails
- Built-in strainer eliminates the need for an additional tool
Advantages - Provides functionality and versatility
- Preferred for handling larger quantities of ingredients
- Ideal for making multiple cocktails at once
- No additional tools required
- Convenient measuring and easy to carry
- Compact and easy-to-use
- Provides a tight seal for a smoother and quieter shaking experience

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Leave us the pattern and product you like. Whatever color or technique you prefer, our designers will create a sample & solution based on your ideas.

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