Crystal Sunflower Cocktail Mixing Glass-690ml

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KLP3103 (2)
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Crystal Sunflower Cocktail Mixing Glass-690ml

No more spilled drinks or cracked/broken glasses. Whether it’s Whiskey, a Martini, Manhattan or an Old Fashioned, you’ll be creating, straining, & serving like a professional bartender
Made from high-quality crystal glass, our mixing glass boasts exceptional clarity that enhances the visual appeal of your cocktails. The sparkling brilliance adds a touch of sophistication to every drink.
The weighted base provides stability and balance, allowing you to muddle and stir with confidence
It adds a touch of elegance to the glass and enhances its overall durability


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Color Clear
Material lead free crystal glass
Size D9.3*H14.9CM
Capacity 690ML
Payment T/T
OEM/ODM Acceptable

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