Gift Set And Packing for Bar Supplies And Coffee Supplies

KLP’s standard product packaging is a reliable and cost-effective solution for your standard packaging. Given broken resistance, our solution ensures your products are protected and presented in a professional manner.



Gift Set & Packing

Packaging Services That Meet Your Needs

Package Implementation

We can design the whole package appearance from only a pattern or a logo offered by you.

Diverse Package Material

Sustainable package choices for your needs, including FSC paper, aluminum and wood.

Brand Visibility

Obvious information helps to boost brand awareness and trust.

Reduce Ship Damage

Proper packing lowers the risk of damage and ensure that products reach in good condition at their destination.

Custom Packaging Solutions for Specific Needs

Our strength is our ability to offer packaging solutions that are specially designed to meet any consumers’ specific needs and goals.
Aluminum BoxesWooden BoxesFSC Paper Boxes
Durability P04_3_S03_5P04_3_S03_4P04_3_S03_3
Abrasion Resistance P04_3_S03_5P04_3_S03_5P04_3_S03_3
Hardness P04_3_S03_2P04_3_S03_5P04_3_S03_2
Moisture Proof P04_3_S03_5P04_3_S03_4P04_3_S03_3
Encapsulation P04_3_S03_5P04_3_S03_3P04_3_S03_3
Light Weight P04_3_S03_4P04_3_S03_2P04_3_S03_5
Biodegradability P04_3_S03_3P04_3_S03_5P04_3_S03_5
Cost-effective P04_3_S03_4P04_3_S03_3P04_3_S03_5

Tailored-made with Limitless Choices

We can design and create any shape of the package for your business.

Ship through METICULOUS Construction

Usually, we use a forklift to move packed goods, which can help reduce labor costs and minimize the risk of damage to items during shipping. Moreover, it can be used to move a wide range of items, from large pallets to smaller boxes. This makes it a versatile tool for shipping and can help ensure that items are moved efficiently and safely.
Explore Our Product Packaging Inspiration
We have a responsibility to protect wine and bring its aroma to every customer.

Would like to know more about original design and actual quality?

Leave us the pattern and product you like. Whatever color or technique you prefer, our designers will create a sample & solution based on your ideas.

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