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Functional Bar Accessories We Supply

Uncomplicate your setup with efficiency.

Functional Bar Accessories We Supply

Uncomplicate your setup with efficiency.
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Measurements Made Perfect: Exploring the Diversity of Cocktail Jigger

Each copper jigger is available at KLP. They are designed with unique features, making them useful in different scenarios. Contact us for the perfect jigger for your application.
Category Bell Jigger Japanese Jigger (similar to Double Jigger) Stepped jigger
Features One or two cones and a consistent diameter for multiple measurement levels Tall with a consistent diameter A stepped design
Functions A bell jigger is a double-sided cocktail measuring tool with a bell-like vintage jigger shape and two different volumes. The larger end can hold up to two ounces while the smaller one holds one. A Japanese jigger is a tall and slender cocktail jigger that usually measures one and two ounces. Considered to be more professional, it has a sleek and elegant design, and some models also have a cone-shaped interior for precise measuring. A stepped jigger has a series of steps, each representing a different measurement. This measuring jigger allows for more flexibility in measuring different amounts of liquid and is useful for creating complex cocktails.
Apply to Professionals and beginners Professional Professionals and beginners
Pros Designed to prevent over-pouring More measurement marks, ease of use with grip Versatile, can measure multiple ingredients
Cons Poor grip Narrow build, less ideal for liquors Cumbersome for complex recipes

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