Custom Solutions for Bar Supplies and Coffee Supplies

Looking to enhance your bar or coffee shop experience? Our start-to-finish solutions for catering supplies are designed to fit your unique business needs.



Custom Service

Low Startup MOQ

The minimum order quantity for standard products is 100 pcs, while customized products are 500 pcs. If you have other needs, we can give you help.

Bespoke Sample

We need 3-15 working days to turn a draft into a mold. If you have special needs, please contact us and let us know.

Reinforce Your Brand with Customization

We are committed to manufacture tailored-made catering and bar supplies for buisness and those who are fond of drinking.
Bar supplies designed to enlighten you
Coffee supplies designed to refresh you

Aesthetic Appearance for Your Unique Requirements

Factors such as color, texture, shape, and materials play a critical role in achieving the desired aesthetic and must be carefully chosen to match the overall style and mood of the product.

Craft Every Bar Ware And Coffee Ware With the Spirit of Craftsman

We expect to create exquisite and unique wineware for you through different techniques.

All our products are made up of environmentally friendly materials.

Flexible customization is very vital for advanced manufacturing systems, especially for the systems that push for the mass customization and bulk production.

Stainless Steel




What Makes Us Distinct from Others?

Different materials have different advantages.

Flexible Machine

The machine equipment in this system is able to process different parts as products changes.

Flexible Technology

The system can determine the corresponding process according to different objects and raw materials.

Flexible Product

KLP's product system can be compatible with the characteristics of the existing ones and produce the new quickly.

Flexible Production

The system can give timely responsiveness and operate in an economical manner when the production output changes.

Flexible Maintenance

The system can check out failures and problems in various ways to ensure smooth operation.

Would like to know more about original design and actual quality?

Leave us the pattern and product you like. Whatever color or technique you prefer, our designers will create a sample & solution based on your ideas.

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