From research and development, design and production, package to delivery, we are the most professional.




KLP's Slogan
Only with excellent manual work can we solve complex problems efficiently!

We Believe that

Our development is by the people and for the people, and development gains are shared by the people.

Thorough and Satisfactory Service

Our staff’s even more unremitting efforts will provide a higher quality thorough service for the new and old friends.

Custom Service to Your Satisfaction

Our consultants will provide you with useful advice.

Our design teams will design appearance and shape according to your needs even if you just offer a small picture.

Unique logo and product design make your brand outstanding in the market.

We will produce a sample and send it to you before bulk production.

Every type of product can be tailored for you.

Employee Engagement to Your Concerns

Customer-oriented service support for your concerns and issues

About 100 production workers stand fast at their posts for manufacturing premium barware on time.

About 8 professional technicians play a role in providing technical expertise in their area of specialization to support the operations and functions of our company and catering industry.

Roughly 15 salesmans, act as market explorers, are highly sensitive to market trends and customers’ preferences.

Cutting-edge Equipment to Your Premium Supplies

More than 6 fully-automatic production lines will be set up to handle small or big orders timely and efficiently.

We will produce large amounts of standardized products through flow production.

Our quality control at the source program should be implemented to give relevant workers the personal responsibility for the quality of the work they do.

We offer full support for our programs and technology platforms from a team of industry professionals who are dedicated to your program.

Hear What Our Boss Has to Say

Would like to know more about original design and actual quality?

Leave us the pattern and product you like. Whatever color or technique you prefer, our designers will create a sample & solution based on your ideas.

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