We place sustainability as the priority and award SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), which is a global organization that aims to promote responsible and sustainable business practices in supply chains and assesses supplier compliance with ethical trade practices.




Sustainable Development

As a manufacturing & trading combo, we are conscious that we should shoulder the responsibility of protecting our planet and the people around us. We create job opportunities and provide a development platform for residents in local communities and manufacture our barware and coffee ware in the most energy-efficient and low-carbon way possible.

Recyclable Materials from the Start

The stainless steel, aluminum and copper we use for our bar supplies come from certified recycling sources to minimize carbon emissions as low as possible.

All of our products are LFGB, CE and FSC certified so it’s safe to use for the environment and the users.

The materials for our packaging products come from reliable and sustainable resources.

Come with Us to Protect the World

Drink with recyclable cups for the establishment of green ecycosystem

Environmental Awareness & Sustainability Action

Why should we lead by example? And why has it become so urgent to drink in environmentally friendly cups?
Many of us feel that grabbing disposable or plastic cups here and there is not having an impact on the environment – but think twice! Actually, merely switching to reusable and recyclable drinkware will have a hugely positive influence.

According to a 2021 research released by the official, the average American consumes roughly 3 cups of coffee per day, amounting to a substantial 400 million cups of coffee drank daily by the United States alone.

Regrettably, the vast majority of these beverages are offered in single-use cups, which end up in the seas, landfills, and otherwise damaging our lovely world.

Therefore, how can we minimize our environmental effects while still enjoying our favorite coffee or any other beverage? Replacing single-use cups with reusable ones is one of the most efficient methods to reduce our carbon footprint while still enjoying our favorite caffeinated beverage.

Sustainability of Human Resource Development

Human sustainability includes initiatives such as access to services, employment, nutrition, knowledge, education and skills.

Gender Equity for Society

We promote equal treatment in the workplace whether an individual is a man or a woman and have a huge number of talented people of all genders in our factory and teams.

Human Rights for Employees

Whether it is a disability, sub-health or healthy person, we treat everyone equally. We have a peaceful work atmosphere that respects the interests and rights of any employee, which contributes to our excellent employee retention rate.

Giving Back to the Community

We make ecologically sustainable investments on the planet and contribute back to our community on a regular basis.

Committed to Green Production

As always, we remain environmental consciousness for waste management, which results in sewage and metal dust reduction. Our advanced and clean equipment contributes to lower industrial pollutants and carbon emissions.

Moreover, we will transport the surplus raw materials to the local recycling agency for secondary use and improve utilization.

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