Manufacturing Capabilities

Complete supply chain system for time-saving and cost-saving



Manufacturing Capabilities

The cups sold contain the same amount of water as 3 standard swimming pools.

Over 30,000,000 aluminum cups are sold annually

Monthly Output : 1,000,000

Where Premium Barware Products Comes from

Automatic equipment for superior performance and speed production

Manufacturing through Meticulous Procedures

To make products more exquisite and delicate, the production process includes cutting-edge machines and sophisticated manual craftsmen.

Incoming Material QC

The material is tested precisely and supplied by reliable raw material suppliers.

Material Cutting

A process of removing material from a workpiece to create a desired shape or size.


It helps to increase the tensile strength and ductility of certain materials, making them more durable and less prone to cracking or breaking.


The welding materials are melted or softened before being fused together, forming a strong bond that is frequently as strong as the original materials.


A frequent technology is used to improve a material’s visual and tactile properties, whether for utilitarian or aesthetic reasons.

Surface Treatment

Mechanical surface treatment benefits adhesion improvement, corrosion protection, surface properties enhancement, and surface cleaning.

Logo Printing

A company’s logo will be designed and printed on the specific product so as to make it more visible and recognizable.

Final QC

Before the product is provided to the consumer, a series of inspections and testing are undertaken to discover any faults or difficulties.


With package machines and experienced staff, the products are packed efficiently and perfectly.

Material Testing Reagents



Sample Testing

Strict Quality Control

KLP have more than 20 scrupulous quality inspectors. All the packed parcels will be put in the warehouse, we will casually pick 80-500pcs from 500-150000pcs finished products based on International inspection standards.

We Are A Trustable Barware Supplier

As the best place to buy bar supplies, we are committed to quality assurance.

Would like to know more about original design and actual quality?

Leave us the pattern and product you like. Whatever color or technique you prefer, our designers will create a sample & solution based on your ideas.

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