Long Tongue Worrior Ceramic Tiki Tumbler-17OZ


Long Tongue Worrior Ceramic Tiki Tumbler-17OZ

Made up of pure ceramic,this tiki mug is heat-resistant, durable, and have a good strength to hold liquids of varying temperatures. Moreover, as the tiki glasses are glazed they are much longer-lasting with their colors intact
Ideal for serving drinks and cocktails such as Mojito, Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, Daiquiri, Cuba Libre and many others - depending on the imagination of the bartender
Perfect for all uses - home, bar and restaurant - and in particular for themed parties, outdoors and in the pool, or for Halloween
Cleaned easily by rinsing with water and soap & it’s also dishwasher safe


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Color Brown
Material Ceramic
Size D8*H17CM
Capacity 500ml
Payment T/T
OEM/ODM Acceptable

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