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Rémy Martin

Case Study: Promotional Jiggers

Rémy Martin, founded in 1724, is a French firm that primarily grows grapes, and produces and sells cognac. To this day, it develops and acquires some companies to grow into the Rémy Cointreau Group, believing that dedicating the best and rarest cognac to extraordinary people.

The project leader for Rémy Martin was looking for jiggers with wooden handles as promotional items, but he didn’t know how to make the wooden handles firmly bonded to the metal. If it was too tight, it would cause problems in later assembly, and if it was too loose, the wooden handle would fall off.

First, we provided the design draft to him to confirm the products’ color, logo and size. In order to reassure him and solve the above problems, we offered the following 3 solutions and analyze their pros and cons:

a) Use strong glue to bond metal and wooden handles, but there had excessive glue, which would affect the appearance of the products.
b) Use a vacuum high-pressure machine to punch the wooden handle on the metal. But the metal part would be broken if workers didn’t control the force well. (Suitable alternative after communication)
c) Fix the wooden handle with nails, but it would affect the overall design.

Second, after adapting our machine’s functionality and testing raw materials, we produced a pre-production sample and delivered them to France. By doing so, the project leader needs to take a sample and raw materials to pass the French food test DGCCRF.

Third, we manufactured in bulk as soon as passing the DGCCRF.

Fourth, we completed the production ahead of time and greatly helped him promote his promotional activities.


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