Case Study: Aluminum Gift Boxes

Redbreast, founded in London in 1857, is a largest Irish Whiskey producer that mainly produces single pot still whiskey.

The client introduced a new whiskey and wanted to customize premium gift boxes — Birdcage Limited Edition (made up of aluminum). Due to its softness and openwork pattern, it is a challenge to make hard wine boxes with soft aluminum.

First, the client chose patterns and colors from our photo gallery and Pantone. And we formulated 2 alternatives to the technology of openwork pattern:

a) Produce the whole prototype and punch out the hollow pattern through stamping technology.
b) Cut the pattern first on the aluminum sheet, and then fit it up while rotating.

Second, we decided to produce 2 pre-production prototypes according to the above alternatives after repeated communication.

Third, we found that the birdcage remained burrs which looked rough and low-end. Thus we suggested choosing plan B and adding a leather strip as a holder so as to achieve much better utilization.

Fourth, the client gave commendations for our design and technology. After we tested the raw materials, we asked for mass production.

Fifth, as always, we, of course, completed the task and ensured that the products can be sold on the market.

What’s more, this kind of birdcage is not only a wine box but also a candle holder, which really realized its value.


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