Commercial Cocktail Station & Bar Caravan Manufacturer

Discover top-quality stainless steel cocktail stations & bar caravans designed and manufactured by leading experts in the industry. Our original designs and customizable bar counters are perfect for restaurants, hotels, cafe, bars and outdoor.

Industry-leading Warranty

Protective Finish Provided

Ultra-large Capacity


Multifunction, efficient workflow, and large storage space design ideas for types of caravan and cocktail stations in any setting.

Bar Caravan

Elevate events with our Bar Caravan—an exquisite, mobile bar boasting style and functionality. Unmatched in design, it ensures seamless, elegant beverage service at any location, making each gathering a memorable affair.

Cocktail Station

Redefine mixology mastery with our Cocktail Station—a sleek, versatile setup designed for professionals and enthusiasts. Featuring innovative design and ample workspace, it’s the go-to platform for crafting signature drinks with precision and style.

Mobile Cocktail Station

Unleash mixology on the move with our Mobile Cocktail Station—a compact, portable solution for seamless on-the-go bartending. From outdoor events to venue changes, this station ensures you deliver exceptional cocktails, leaving a lasting impression anywhere, anytime.

Versatile Bar Counters for Various Applications

Bar Caravan

Combine appearance and functionality, delivering a unique mobile bar experience that seamlessly aligns with your event’s theme, leaving a lasting impression on every guest.

Cocktail Caravan

Coffee Caravan

Drink Caravan

Wedding Caravan bar

Cocktail Station

From bustling bars and elegant restaurants to cozy cafes, the cocktail station with a refrigerator, sink, and shelves allows for seamless workflow for serving bulk drinks instantly.

Mobile Cocktail Station

This compact and portable trolley ensures a dynamic and stylish bar experience, making it ideal for serving in diverse settings.

How KLP Makes a Difference

KLP teams have sufficient industrial knowledge and manufacturing experience to meet the demands of your products and company.

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    Tailored To Perfection

    Customize every detail of your bar counter to suit your needs and preferences. From materials to dimensions, create your ideal workspace.


    Modern contemporary, industrial, distressed, and rustic styles provided.


    Protective finish and durable stainless steel for frame and coutertop.


    L-shape, u-shape, rectangle, oval, curved, and customized bar counter provided.


    Wire management, locking drawer, and custom storage cabinet provided.

    Manufacturing Processes for Professional Bar Counters

    Streamline operations and improve efficiency with our cutting-edge technology solutions.
    About KLP

    Commercial Bar Counter Manufacturer & Supplier

    As a professional bar counter factory in China, KLP specializes in providing scratch-resistant and customizable bar counters for businesses in the hospitality industry, including bar, cafe, and high-end restaurant.

    Besides, we also research and develop user-friendly bar supplies or coffee tools tailored with sustainable materials for waste reduction. Our products are known for their stain resistence, durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

    With a commitment to superior customer service and innovative design, KLP is the go-to choice for businesses looking to elevate their bar area.

    Manufacturing Processes for Professional Bar Counters

    Streamline operations and improve efficiency with our cutting-edge technology solutions.


    With years of growing manufacturing experience and compactable solutions, KLP has supported over 100 wholesalers, individual bars, and cafe owners.

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